Country Spa & Fitness

Relax in our new spa area with a finnish sauna, a BIO-sauna, steam bath and infa red cabin! Stay fit on holiday in our new gym! Please not that use of our spa area and gym is momentarily limited.!

Finnish sauna & BIO-sauna


Experience "cleansing pure" in our finnish sauna.
Refill your inner energy tanks: Our bio sauna will give you stength and a sense of relaxation.

Steam bath & Infra-red cabin


Strengthen your immune system and sooth those aching muscles in our steam bath. 

Our infra-red cabin is the perfect alternative for those who want to try something modern without the humidity and heat of a sauna or steam bath.

Cardio experience


Stay fit on holiday with our modern "Technogym" machines! 

Excite® Run 600  A versatile and sturdy treadmill that offers new performance features and new exercise and entertainment options, promising a more challenging, fun and motivating workout experience. 

Excite® Vario Enjoy infinite movement trajectories. VARIO follows your stride and adapts automatically to your movement pattern. Its adaptive and no-impact movement assures that your training is varied and effective.   

Excite® Bike Enjoy the sensation of riding a real road bike. The biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a variety of positions to help you achieve peak performance.                                    




Stay fit with our dumbells, exercise mat and gymnastic ball! 

Chrome Dumbells The new chrome dumbbells are ideal equipment for free weight strength training and sport a sleek and compact design which is very modern and fits perfectly into home environments.    

Exercise mat It does not matter if you want to do some yoga or exercises, our mats are made for all your workout needs.

Gymnastic ball It can be used for stretching, muscle strengthening and maintaining a proper posture. 



The TechnoGym Kinesis-machine ist perfect for strength, coordination, posture and  respiratory exercises.

The Kinesis® One is a single, stand-alone workout station with concealed weight stacks. Providing resistance across three planes of movement, it’s also ideal for rehabilitation and personal training activities.    

Thanks to the double weight stack, each cable controls a single, independent resistance level. This allows users to perform all movements more effectively, including alternating and reciprocating ones, based on the appropriate load for each side and training goal. 

The Kinesis® One is 93/42 EEC certified as a medical and rehabilitation device and offers a wide range of medically-approved exercises and routines, making it ideal for those who have particular rehabilitative needs or limited mobility issues.                                  

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